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ООО "ДУЭТ гидравлик" LLC "DUET Gidravlik"
About the enterprise

About the enterprise

DUET Hydraulic LLC is a company producing hydraulic equipment for hydraulic drives of stationary and mobile machines.

The company was founded in 1996 on the basis of the hydraulic equipment workshop of Yaroslavl Fuel Equipment Plant OJSC, which produced hydraulic equipment for Minavtoprom enterprises.

The company has experience in designing and manufacturing guiding hydraulic equipment, regulating hydraulic equipment, modular hydraulic equipment, and in addition to hydraulic equipment, it produces electromagnets of discrete and proportional control of hydraulic devices.

Products of DUET Hydraulic LLC are certified, and the company has a certificate of the Federal Quality System ISO 9001-2015.

DUET Hydraulic LLC LLC acquired in 2016 Hydravlik OJSC (a former branch of the Hydroapparat OJSC plant) located in the working village of Radishchevo, Ulyanovsk Region. Until December 2017, the production facilities and warehouses were reconstructed: finished products, components, materials, electrical substation, office building, garage.

In December 2017, the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region was granted the status of a particularly significant investment project of the Ulyanovsk Region to the investment project "Creating the production of hydraulic equipment in the Radishchevsky District of the Ulyanovsk Region, implemented by LLC DUET Hydraulic".

During 2018, new technological equipment was installed, mainly imported, and vehicles were purchased.

In April 2019, the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region confirmed the completion of the investment project "Creation of the production of hydraulic equipment in the Radishchevsky district of the Ulyanovsk Region, which was assigned the status of a particularly significant investment project of the Ulyanovsk Region, LLC DUET Hydraulic".

In order to optimize the marketing and marketing of products, a branch of DUET Hydraulic LLC LLC organized work in Ulyanovsk.

About 35% of the products are exported to enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan, and work is underway to expand exports.

In January 2019, an enterprise was opened in the city of Gomel, LLC DUET Hydraulic Gomel, which promotes the products of LLC DUET Hydraulic, and the main direction is the production of hydraulic equipment for mobile equipment.

Our production in Ulyanovsk (Radishchevo)

Production site in rp Radishchevo, Ulyanovsk Region in 2016 went through a complete reconstruction of production and administrative areas. Replacement and modernization of technological equipment. Improvement of technological processes under the planned production plans for the production of finished products approved by Duet Hydraulic LLC.

Since 2017 an independent legal entity is organized; Branch of Duet Hydraulic LLC LLC Radishchevo.

 To date, a complete reconstruction of the main production building has been completed - Workshop No. 2, which includes not only the production area, but also auxiliary production facilities:
   laboratory, assembly production, test production, painting production, test shop, finished goods warehouse, equipment warehouse, showers, locker rooms, rest rooms for workers.
At the moment, commissioning is being carried out on modern both domestic and imported unique precision equipment:

circular grinding, surface grinding, lathes.

The technological process of painting production on the basis of a modern washing and drying chamber has been debugged.

Equipment has been launched for winding the enamel wire for all types of coils of electromagnets, including test benches, both for electromagnets and for valves.

Unique equipment and an improved technological process will allow the Branch in 2018. significantly increase the output of marketable products for the whole company Duet Hydraulic LLC. Fully satisfy the quantitative and qualitative demand for hydrodistributors and electromagnets formed due to the closure of such enterprises as JSC Hydroapparat (Ulyanovsk) and JSC Hydravlik (Gryazi).

Also expand the product line for the production of commercial products, namely to increase the production of sectional control valves, to produce as much as possible the release of all types of valves.

By mid-2018 it is planned to launch a full production cycle in the reconstructed Workshop No. 1 and produce additional volume

hydrodistributors, electromagnets, valves in serial volumes demanded by the market of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

The main administrative building was also reconstructed, which fully provides jobs for all specialists of the Branch of Duet Hydraulic LLC Radishchevo.

Workplaces create comfort and additional opportunities for technical and design services, as well as for the entire staff of the Branch.


433910, r.p. Radishchevo, Ulyanovsk Region, ul. Zavodskaya, house 6

Hotline (toll-free in Russia): 8 800 302 1747

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